Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone was the first National created in the world.  It is 2,291,789 acres in size and most of it is in the state of Wyoming.  Many visitors flock to Yellowstone each year.  The official website for Yellowstone National Park  contains a wealth of information for visitors planning their trip,  Use the menu on the left hand side of the page – in particular click on the maps section and download one of the many maps for different areas in Yellowstone.

When planning your trip to Yellowstone National Park and other National Parks look into getting your America the Beautiful Pass!  It could save you a lot of money if you are planning to visit a number of National Parks in the next year.

I visited Yellowstone last summer and we are planning a return trip this year.  There is so much to see:

Old Faithful


Geothermal area

This baby Elk was crossing the road with her Mom:

Baby Elk

It was amazing to see so many bison in herds in Yellowstone Park.  One day we saw a herd that we estimated at 1000 bison.

One day we drove down a one direction i.e. one lane dirt road.  This bison was sauntering down the middle of the road.  We followed very slowly behind him.  After about twenty minutes he had enough and I took this photo of him as he headed up into a grassy area.

Bison that sauntered down the road in front of our truck for about 20 minutes

The bison in Yellowstone wander freely so at times the herd will want to cross the road.  Best to look at this as a great photo opportunity as it can take a while!

Bison halting traffic for the herd

This bison was standing on the side of the road as we drove by.

Bison standing by the side of the road

This female grizzly bear was about 40 metres inside the forest near the side of the road.  She was with her cub.  They stayed there for about half an hour.  When driving through Yellowstone keep an eye out for areas where a bunch of cars are stopped – chances are someone has spotted something.  Always make sure to stay well back and don’t make the animals nervous by approaching them!

Female Grizzly Bear


It is very important to plan your trip to Yellowstone.  It is a drive through park – so you can see a lot from the car.  There are also lookouts and places to park to see specific things and of course hiking trails.  The area around Old Faithful is well laid out.  There is a lot of pavement and the ground is fairly level.   The Accessibility Guide for Yellowstone Park.  is a great resource for planning your stops at various areas in the park!