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Peggy’s Point Lighthouse – Peggy’s Cove NS

Peggy’s Cove is located 43 km Lighthouse 2 smfrom downtown Halifax.  I took route 333 – a windy twisty road along the picturesque coast of Nova Scotia.  It took me about 45 minutes but the drive was well worth while.  The lighthouse sits at the eastern entrance to St. Margaret’s Bay on magnificent granite rocks with waves crashing on the shore line.

The original lighthouse, built in 1868, was a wooden structure with a beacon on the roof.  The current lighthouse was erected in 1914.  It has a traditional red and white design and is octagonal in shape.                                       Lighthouse 3 sm

The Sou’ Wester restaurant is located on the grounds.  It has large windows with a lovely view of the light house and surrounding area.  I enjoyed a very nice lunch there.  There is plenty of parking and lots of space to explore.  Please watch for the warnings posted around the area.  The ocean and the rocks can be treacherous.

I think that the lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove is one of the most spectacular lighthouses in Nova Scotia.  It was well worth the trip.

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The lighthouse and rocks themselves are not accessible, but there is a full view of the lighthouse and surrounding area from the parking lot and paved walkway.  The restaurant and lower floor of the gift shop are accessible as are the washrooms although there are no grab bars.

Photography Tips

These photos of Peggy’s Cove were taken with a Canon 7D.  When I was taking photos a young woman came up to ask about my tripod.  She had just finished a photography course and the instructor had ‘harped’ on the need to use a tripod.  She said that her tripod was heavy and hard to use.

I advised her to invest in a light weight easy to use tripod and practice putting her camera on and off until it was second nature to her.  There are lighter tripods around, but for me, the one I chose was a compromise between cost and weight.  I use a Monfrotto 390.  It is easy to use and like all tripods that are used helps make your photos nice and clear.