Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is the largest National Park  located in the province of Alberta just north of Banff National Park.  It is approximately  10,880 square km or 4,200 square miles in area.

Jasper is located approximately 364 km west of  Edmonton Alberta.  If you are coming from the town of Banff and driving to Jasper it is approximately 289 km  – it may be one of the most amazing drives of your trip!  Your route will take you down the Icefields Parkway   – right past Peyto Lake and the Icefield Centre at the Columbia Icefields and the Glacier Skywalk – all must sees along your way.

Peyto Lake:

Peyto Lake is a glacier fed lake in Banff National Park.

To get to Peyto Lake, take the Icefield Parkway – the parking areas for Peyto Lake are well marked. If you are travelling from Banff to Jasper the turnoff is on the left hand side of the road. There are two parking lots. The lower one is for cars and the upper for tour buses and anybody with mobility concerns. The walkway between the lower parking lot and the viewing platform is asphalted but from my perspective not accessible. Anyway with very young children, wheel chairs, canes will find that steep parts of the path very difficult. In these cases I would recommend using the upper parking area. Information on things to do at Peyto Lake.

Icefield Centre and Glacier Skywalk:

There are two parking lots at the Icefield Centre – coming from Banff to Jasper the upper parking lot is first and is reserved for tour buses and those with disabled parking permits.  The lower parking lot is on the far side of the Icefield Centre – there is quite a formidable set of stairs from the lower parking area up to the Icefield Centre.

If you want to go on the Glacier Walk you must go to the Icefield Centre first and buy your ticket.

Glacier Skywalk

Photo of the glacier taken from the Glacier Skywalk

Photo of the glacier taken from the Glacier Skywalk

Another view of Glacier taken from the Glacier Skywalk

Download a printable copy  of the Icefields Parkway Driving Guide so you can plan out your trip.

To find out more about Jasper National Park visit the Parks Canada website.


Accessibility is a concern to many families when they are travelling.  Information is provided by Parks Canada on Accessibility in Jasper.

Discovery Pass:

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