I love pictures!   There is something about being able to look back on some really lovely pictures after a trip – photos that bring back the memories, the fun, the outrageous things that happened…..

Baby Elk – taken with a Nikon 610 and 28-300mm lens

Perhaps you have a camera that you love  – if not, you are probably thinking about a new camera.  Unless you have one in mind a trip to a store that sells cameras may make your eyes glaze over and you come out more confused than when you went in.

There is no perfect camera but there is the right camera for you!

During the last few months I went through the process of choosing a new camera for travel as a gift for my husband.  His criteria for a new camera was pretty well defined but it was still a tough choice.

Some of the criteria for a camera include:

  • weight – how far are you going to walk with the camera
  • how are you going to carry the camera
  • what type of pictures you want to take
  • price range
  • what quality of picture do you need to be able to take
  • do you want to just use the camera automatic pre-sets or do you want to use the manual settings
  • hand dexterity

One of the best websites that I found for helping me decide which camera to buy was Camera Decision.  It is a very user friendly way to compare the different types of cameras from entry level DSLR’s to compact, ultra compact, large sensor zoom and others.  Once you have decided on a couple that you are interested in just search for the name of the camera and review  – there are lots of great camera reviews that can help you make your decision.

What ever camera you decide to get make sure that you use it every chance you get before your trip.  Learn how the camera operates and become very familiar with the settings. When you are comfortable with your camera it will be easy to take great pictures on your next trip.

Here are a few of my favourite photos – they were taken with different types of cameras at times when I was doing different types of photography.  Once you have a camera that you are comfortable with the most important element in taking great photos is you.