Banff National Park

Banff National Park is the oldest park in Canada.  It was created in 1885.   It is 6641 square kilometres in area or 2564 square miles.  It is about and hour and a half north-west of Calgary, Alberta.

I have to say that I love Banff.  There are so many things to see and do and I love the peacefulness and the hustle and bustle of Banff.


Ten things to see and do in Banff.

Parks Canada has published some outstanding guides that will help you plan your trip:

  • Getting around Banff National Park Guide (download by clicking link above) – map of Banff, Map of Lake Louise, Map of the Park, suggestions for an afternoon or a full day and many other things
  • Day Hikes – Banff Area Park Guide (download by clicking link above)
  • Summer on the Ice Fields Parkway Guide (download by clicking link above)
  • Day Hikes; Lake Louise, Castle Junction and Icefields Parkway Area Guide (download by clicking link above)
  • many other titles available – some specifically about campaign, fishing and biking (download by clicking link above)

More information about Banff to plan your trip

Information on the Natural Wonders and Cultural Treasure of Banff including: plant, wildlife, ecosystems and national historic sites


Banff is a lovely town with large wide sidewalks and lots of pedestrian traffic.  Some of the stores have a flat entrance way into their store and some of them have one or two stairs at the entrance.

There is disabled parking all through the town – some right near the grocery stores, some on the streets and some in the parking garages.  My favourite  disabled parking spaces are at the end of Bear Street.  Go south on Banff avenue – turn right on Buffalo and then left on Bear into the parking lot.  There are a number of disabled parking spots in this lot and there is easy access to downtown Banff. – Don’t forget to pack your disabled parking sign!


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