PEI National Park – Greenwich Dunes Trail


Floating boardwalk across Bowley Pond


Expanse of the floating boardwalk across the wetlands

The Greenwich Dunes Trail in one of three hiking trails that start approximately  1 km west of  the Interpretive Centre for the Greenwich section of the Prince Edward Island National Park.  It is a fairly wide trail that is hard packed with a slight grade.  The Greenwich Dunes Trail turns and heads through the forest and then follows a  floating boardwalk across a natural wetland to the spectacular dunes beyond.

I stopped for a few moments while crossing the floating boardwalk and heard the sounds of the many birds that inhabit the wetland.  We headed up the path on the land side of the dunes.  When we reached the top and looked at the dunes, the beach and the ocean beyond it was enough to take my breath away.



Challenging climb to the top of the dunes

The start of the trail is accessible for those who are used to travelling on uneven surfaces .  The trail very quickly gets difficult for those using a wheel chair, walker or wheeling a stroller.  The end of the trail results in quite a climb up and over the dunes and is not accessible


 PHotography tips


Rabbit cavorting on the Greenwich Dunes Trail

Two rabbits were playing on the path quite a distance ahead of where we were walking.  They were leaping back and forth across the path – in and out of the brush.  The long zoom on my Canon SX50HS allowed me to get this picture of one of the rabbits.

When taking photos of the  floating boardwalk, the dunes and the wetlands I have found that it is very important to think about perspective.  I try standing on one of the benches along the boardwalk to get a panoramic view  or lying on the boardwalk to get a different look of the curve.  I am much  happier with my photos when I think about perspective.

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