Canada Geese – Raising their families on the lakes of NB


Canada Geese swimming in the rushes

It was evening and we were  enjoying the peace and tranquility of canoeing on one of one of the many lakes in south western New Brunswick.  We spotted a dozen geese.  They were swimming  in the rushes near the side of the lake.



Gander keeping a watchful eye

A gander was keeping a watchful eye out for any danger and the goslings were herded into the thicker rushes by the adults that swam around the edges. We stayed and watched them for about half an hour.  Then, as the light was fading we reluctantly headed for home.

photography tips


Adult geese swimming near the edges of the rushes

One of the challenges in this situation was getting close enough to take a photo.  We allowed the canoe to float closer and closer to the geese.  We only used the paddles to guide the canoe and were very careful not to splash.  I was using my Canon SX50HS – the 50 times optical zoom (24-1200mm) was just what was needed in this situation. The other challenge was the geese were constantly moving.  I used a fast shutter speed 1/1250 and the High Speed Burst which maximizes the chances of getting a good shot.  After you have done all that – a lot of times it is a matter of patience and more than a little luck.

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