Parc Omega – Montebello, Quebec


Moose on the road at the beginning of the driving route through Parc Omega

A few days ago I had the great privilege to visit Parc Omega with my son David.  I was amazed at the natural surroundings, the animals and infrastructure in the park.  Parc Omega is 1500 acres in size with 12 km of driving roads and numerous walking paths.  There is a Park House with snacks, souvenirs, washrooms and a wonderful outdoor deck with tables and chairs.  Outside there are many picnic tables. It is almost half way between Montreal and Ottawa. Please click on the link to access directions on how to get to Parc Omega.

Elk - munching on carrott

Elk eating carrot offered by visitor to Parc Omega

Moose eating carrott

Moose munching on carrot provided by David.

Parc Omega is a “safari” style wildlife park – everyone must stay in their cars.  Many of the animals roam freely – moose, and deer will come right up to your car to get a carrot.  Bags of carrots are sold on site but you can bring them more cheaply yourself.  You will need about one bag of carrots for every person in the car.  David and I had three bags and they were all gone by the end of the day.

There are also many walking trails including the Old Farm and an elevated boardwalk that looks down into an area for timber wolves on one side and bears on the other.

Please click on the link to view pictures of the different animals found at Parc Omega:

Arctic WolfWolves


Bison walking on road





Canada GoosenGoselingGeese


Two bearsBears


Wart Hog BabyBoars and Alpine Ibex



Most of Parc Omega is accessible to all.  You drive through the park in your own vehicle.  The Park House is accessible as are the washrooms.  The elevated boardwalk to one area with bears and timber wolves is not accessible – there are stairs and steep grades.  Most of the walking paths are not wheelchair accessible.  There is a hay wagon that goes back to the old farm and  golf carts that can be rented to drive  to the old farm.


I bought a new camera before going to Parc Omega – a Canon SX50.  I chose it for it’s long zoom – 50x Optical zoom .  My son and I used the Canon  SX50 and my regular camera a Canon 7 D during the day.  One of the advantages of the Canon SX50 is that there were no lenses to change and the photographer is quickly able to respond to the rapidly changing scenery at the park.  One minute you might want to focus on something close up and the next something interesting would be happening far away.

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  1. I really enjoyed your blog posts on parc omega! I’d love to go there one day. Great photos and very informative.

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