Parc Omega – Deer


Whitetail Deer along walking path at Parc Omega

Many types of deer live at Parc Omega including Elk, Red Deer, Whitetail Deer and Fallow Deer.  They roam the park at will.  The more adventurous deer will come up to the car and take a carrot from you.  The more timid deer eagerly eat one thrown to them from the window of the car.

David feeding carrotts to Deer

David feeding carrots to a deer


This Whitetail Deer was along a walking path.  Parc Omega was eagerly awaiting the birth of a few fawns. She looked like she was expecting.   My son David offered her a carrot which she gladly accepted.



Deer 2

Deer walking along the car path at Parc Omega

I like this picture of a deer taken at Parc Omega.  It looks like a female who is still shedding her winter coat.  I am not sure what type she is.





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