Parc Omega – Arctic Wolves, Timber Wolves and Coyotes

Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf lying in the grass

Arctic Wolf Habitat

Arctic Wolf habitat at Parc Omega

I have to admit that I have a soft spot for Arctic Wolves.  There is something about them that fascinates me.  It did my heart good to see the wonderful habitat that these Arctic Wolves live in at Parc Omega.  I have attempted to give you an idea of the vastness and natural setting of their habitat but really the photo does not do it justice








Timber Wolf – visible from elevated boardwalk

There is a pack of timber wolves at Parc Omega as well.  They are only visible from the elevated boardwalk.





Two Coyotes

Coyotes at Parc Omega

A pack of Coyotes lives in the park.  They are located along the car driving route.






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