McAdam Railway Station – McAdam New Brunswick

IMG_2629A s I drove down the trans canada highway, taking exit 258 towards McAdam – I found my self wondering what the  McAdam Train Station would be like.  I heard that the community was in the process of restoring it and it had been declared a National Historic Site by Parks Canada.  I was IMG_2611not prepared for the magnificent restored railway station that greeted me after I entered McAdam.  The outside of the station is granite and it looks every inch the important stop on the railway line that it was many years ago.

While taking photos of the exterior a woman who was working on the inside offered to show me around.  The railway station is not totally finished but the restored areas that I walked through were magnificent and well worth the trip.

IMG_2589The dining room was outstanding.  Each of the straight back chairs has a red leather back and seat.  The dining room is often rented out for private functions such as meetings or wedding receptions.

The general eating area has a long winding counter with IMG_2594stools and a juke box  The jukebox plays rock and roll.

On a Sunday afternoon in July, August and September “railroad pie” is served starting at 1:00 pm   For a small cost  you can get your picture taken in the telegraph office and enjoy a piece of the famous railroad pie and coffee or tea   I know that I will be making a return trip this summer to further explore the station and enjoy a piece of railroad pie!


IMG_2602The railroad station is on one level.  There are raised door sills all through the railway station as was the structure of the times.


Even though there are very large windows that let in a lot of light it is still quite dark in sections of the train station.  You will need a flash and a tripod would be very useful.  The photos were taken with a Canon 7D and wide angle lens.  The darkness of the inside and the light streaming through the large windows can cause challenges when taking photos.  Try to angle your camera for the best shot without taking the photo right into the light of the window.

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