Mactaquac Dam – Kingsclear New Brunswick

IMG_2537Mactaquac Dam is located approximately 15 kilometres outside of Fredericton New Brunswick on the Saint John River.  It is an embankment dam operated by NB Power  It has the capacity to generate approximately 653 megawatts of electricity.

There is an Atlantic Salmon Fish Hatchry located in Kingsclear downstream of the dam.  The dam has a fish way to help the fish go up stream.

There is a gravel parking lot just off Mactaquac Road with a bird’s eye view of the dam.  This photo was taken from that vantage point.


The gravel parking lot is large with easy access to a good view of the dam.


You need a good telephoto lens or a camera with a long zoom to take pictures of this dam.  This photo was taken with a Canon 70-300 mm lens.  I can imagine that sunset might be a spectacular time to take pictures of the dam.  I will make a return trip some day.

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