Polar Bear Habitat – Cochrane Ontario

Nanook 1 LROver the last few years it has been my great privilege to visit the Polar Bear Habitat in Cochrane Ontario.  The Polar Bear Habitat is a “bear centred facility” . There are three large separate enclosures.  The Polar Bears have access to all the enclosures and their pool at any time of the day.

Nanook - watermelon LR

A number of Polar Bears have lived at the Polar Bear Habitat over the years.  Aurora and Nakita spent five years living at the Polar Bear Habitat while their new home was being built at Tundra Trek at the Toronto Zoo.

The pictures on this page are of Nanook, there will always be a place in my heart for him.  He was a senior Nanook - Shake LRPolar Bear when I met him

Currently Ganuk lives at the Polar Bear Habitat.  His Dad is Inukshuk who also lives at the Toronto Zoo.  I plan to go that way again this summer and look forward to meeting Gunuk!  Please follow the link to learn more about the Polar Bears who have lived at the Polar Bear Habitat


There is a good wide walking path  through the Polar Bear Habitat.  The Habitat Bear Viewing Building is accessible.  It is quite a hike around the entire property.  Those using a wheel chair may find it a challenging day.


One of the most important pieces of equipment that you can have when you visit the Polar Bear Habitat is a camera with a zoom lens on it.  Generally there is a single polar bear or at most two or three polar bears who live in the facility.  The grounds are vast and in order to get good pictures you really need the zoom lens. I used a 70-300 mm Canon lens.

There is a great  photo op for families at the Polar Bear Habitat.  There is a wading pool for visitors that is adjacent to the pool for the Polar Bear.  The two pools are separated by 2 inches of plexiglass.  It is very safe but it is possible to get a photo of your children and it looks like they are swimming right beside the polar bear.


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