Polar Bears – Toronto Zoo

Image 7One of my favourite exhibits is the  5 acre Polar Bear Habitat in the Tundra Trek zoogeographic region at the Toronto Zoo.  When I got there three polar bears were snoozing in the morning sun and were not very active.  I looked for the schedule for feeding time and decided to return.

Image 6I came back at the designated time and was rewarded for my persistence.  The polar bears obviously knew what time it was.  One by one they headed for their deep pool area  They sat on the side, wandered around or did laps in the water, putting on a great show.  When the zoo keeper came, she had many interesting facts about the polar bears, their behaviour and of course brought them tasty treats.  The fish was great, but I think this polar bear particularly enjoyed the carrots!


The Toronto Zoo is a vast space and lots of fun for the whole family. Click on the link to access a map of the zoo grounds.  There are many steep grades in the zoo.  The zoo maintains a web page with excellent information on accessibility, their policy on the use of electric scooters and service dogs on the grounds.


The zoo maintains a page on their web site with photo tips from Canon on taking pictures at the zoo.  Here is a link to the photo tips that are relevant to the Tundra Trek exhibits.  The photos on this page were taken with a Canon xti and a Canon 70-300mm lens.

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  1. Looks like a great place to go back to and enjoy a different adventure every day. Wish it was closer.

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