Foxes at Oceanview

Fox 1 Oceanview LR On a beautiful spring afternoon this week I headed up to Oceanview.  I was looking forward to taking more pictures of the waves as it was quite windy.  Imagine my surprise when I rounded the bend in the road just before the parking lot and caught sight of a very handsome fox sitting in Fox 2 oceanview LRthe sun on the side of the road.  I decided to stop and take his picture.  He hung back and finally decided that I was boring and went to lie down by the side of the path

I was just about ready to head back to the car when another fox came across theroad to enjoy the sunshine.  She was quite pretty and also intent on enjoying the late afternoon sun.  I stayed and admired them for awhile.  Then I headed down to the rocks to take pictures of the waves.  Later on when I headed home the sun was sinking in the sky and they had headed home too.

Fox Oceanview copy LR

Sometimes when you are out traveling around the most unexpected surprises are the best!


When I got out of the car to take pictures of the foxes, I was reminded of the lessons I learned when photographing moose and bear by the side of the road in Northern Ontario.  When photographing wildlife it is important to either leave your car running or take the key out of the ignition when getting out of the car.  This way you avoid the warning noises of a key left in the ignition that are guaranteed to make wildlife head for the hills!


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  1. Nice photos!

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