Oyster Bed Speedway – Oyster Bed Bridge PEI

The burn LRI have spent many enjoyable hours at the Speedway.  I love the hustle and bustle of the drivers and their pit crews getting their vehicles ready for the pre-race inspection.  There is real camraderie here – good natured ribbing that goes on around the track and yet if anyone needs anything someone is right there to lend a hand.

It is almost the start of race season again on PEI and it is bound to be an enjoyable time for the whole family.  The first race day of this season is May 20, 2013.  The first event of the afternoon is the Demolition Derby Kids Rides – should be lots of fun.  Please click the link to view the schedule for the season


The grounds around the speedway are grassy on the pit side of the raceway with a paved single lane road down the middle of the pit area.  The grounds on the opposite side of the track are fairly even grass with a small bleacher for viewing the races.  There are washrooms on the grounds but they are not accessible.


The speedway presents a number of photographic challenges.  There are two main vantage points for taking photos.  The pit side and the spectator side.  You really need a good telephoto lens.  I used a Canon 70-300 mm lens.

I enjoy the view from the pit side the most.  You are a little bit closer to the track and the background does not appear as busy allowing for better composition.  You can get some dramatic photos in the early evening as the cars are creating smoke.  From my experience, the smoke pictures are definitely better from the pit side.  If you have  a car with a sun roof, try standing on the seat and putting your head and shoulders through the sun roof opening to take your photos.  This will put you on the same level as track for catching some great pictures

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