Oceanview – PEI

Waves on rocks at Oceanview1Spring has arrived in PEI!  You can feel it in the air.  I drove out to Oceanview a few days ago – a stop in the Prince Edward Island National Park on the North Shore of PEI.  I love the ocean and the red cliffs of PEI, so Oceanview is one of my favorite spots.  I was here a few weeks ago.  The cliffs and the access road were still snow covered – now they are bare.

Boardwalk at Oceanview1The red cliffs at Oceanview are magnificent and the waves crash on shore.  When you stand in the parking lot facing the shore, off to your left you will find a gravel and sand path that is about 25 metres long that ends in a short boardwalk Rocks near Oceanview copygoing down to the rocks.  This is a very pleasant place to stop.  There are benches and those that are more adventurous can get down on the rocks from here.  Please watch your footing.  There are signs all along the cliff to watch out for erosion and the rocks themselves can be slippery.

This year in June, Pedal the Parkway will take place starting at Oceanview lookout.  What a beautiful spot for the whole family to ride their bikes on the Gulf Shore Parkway.


There is a large paved parking lot at Oceanview, but no washrooms.  The gravel path to the boardwalk is an easy walk but it would be challenging in a wheelchair, especially on the way back to the car.


One of my big photography challenges is taking photos of water, especially photos of waves in the ocean.  The wave on the rocks picture in this post was taken with a shutter speed of 1/400.  The particles of water are not distinct enough.  I am going to go back and try again using a faster shutter speed,  That should give me the look that I want with more distinct particles of water.


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