Foxes of PEI

Fox Kit

Fox Kit

This little guy lives along the Confederation Trail in Prince Edward Island.  Mom saw my working dog and I and shooed the family of kits inside.  This little  one was very inquisitive and stuck his head out the back door.  It was not long before Mom noticed and made him go back inside.

The Confederation Trail was built along the abandoned railroad lines of PEI.  It is a great hiking, walking ad cycling trail that is well used by Islanders and visitors alike.  Please click to get a map of the Confederation Trails in your area


The Confederation Trail is wide and generally accessible for bikes, motorized wheelchairs and electric three wheeled scooters.  It is a hard packed service but generally speaking is not paved.


The Confederation Trail is a great spot to take pictures of the wildlife and the landscape of PEI.  This may be an instance where you may want to pull out your compact camera as an SLR can get very heavy and cumbersome if you are going very far

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