Bloedel Conservatory – Vancouver

I was visiting my daughter Jandy in Vancouver.  We wantedFemale Electus Parrott sm to go somewhere to have a great lunch with lots of photo ops.

Jandy suggested Queen Elizabeth Park -what a treat!

First we went to Bloedel Conservatory at 4600 Cambie Street in Queen Elizabeth Park.  The Bloedel Conservatory sits on elevated ground with a panoramic view of the city and the mountains.  It houses an Male Electus Parrott smindoor tropical garden with over 100 birds who fly freely inside.  The structure of the Bloedel Conservatory is 43 metres across and over 21  high.  It is made up of 1490 acrylic glass bubbles.  Inside is an amazing tropical garden – perfect for those who want to wander leisurely or photographers looking for a wealth of subjects to photograph.  My trip to Bloedel Conservatory was one of the highlites of my trip to Vancouver.

bird sm

The next stop was to Seasons in the Park Restaurant, a short walk from the Conservatory.  There we enjoyed a delicious lunch in front of a large panoramic view of the city and the mountains in the distance.

Water Fountains Queen Elizabeth Park sm


After lunch we decided to explore Queen Elizabeth Park.  Please download a printable map of Queen Elizabeth Park.  It was a beautiful afternoon and lots of people were out enjoying the fall summer day.


Bloedel Conservatory is wheel chair accessible and has lovely wide walkways inside.  Queen Elizabeth Park and surrounding area has miles of paved walking paths.  There are some steep slopes.

Photography Tips

Bench in Conservatory smThe pictures were taken with a Canon 7D and a 70-300mm Canon lens.  The air inside the Bloedel Conservatory is warm and humid.  On a cold winters day your camera will fog up with the difference in temperature between the outside temperature and inside the Conservatory.  The condensation is bad for your camera and will stop you from taking pictures.  I always take along a large zip lock bag that my camera will fit in.  Put you camera in the bag outside, seal it up and take it into the conservatory.  Relax on one of the benches and enjoy the scenery.  When your camera is warmed up there will be no condensation inside and you will be able to take pictures to your hearts content.

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