Welcome to my travel and wildlife blog!

My working dog and I love to travel.  We travel mostly in Canada but as time goes on we will also travel through the US. We prefer hiking trails, great beaches and anything outdoors.  We also tend to know where the best places are for buying ice cream across the country!

I have traveled a fair amount over the years.  A number of times I have come up against significant accessibility barriers.  For a time I used a wheelchair.  I couldn’t believe when we would get to a public place only to find out that there was a large set of stairs and no ramp.

While traveling, I will be blogging about the places my working dog and I have been, and the things that we have seen.  Each of my blogs will have a section on accessibility.

There will also be a sectkadi smion on photography tips.  Things that I have learned over the years about taking great photos while traveling including some of the places you may want to go to get great pictures.

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